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For nearly 50 years, TFC Tuition Financing has been a respected leader in student financing, helping students to achieve the professional career of their dreams. TFC makes education affordable for all students at Adams Dental Assisting Academy with a wide range of payment options, and an online portal to manage your own account. Financing is available to all students even if you don't have great credit or a strong financial history. 

To get started with TFC Student Financing, you simply contact your Admissions Director of Adams Dental Assisting Academy and ask them to help you set up a payment plan that works for you.

               - No minimum credit score requirement 

- Up to 9 months repayment

                              - Review account status and make payment online

                    - Bilingual customer service representatives 

Do you already have an account with TFC? Log in to your account at or call us at         (800)872-9832..we're here to help!


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